Skighway Star is an infinite space flying 'runner-type' game requiring reflexes and adaptive strategies. Will you be the next Skighway Star?

Travel Far

Travel as far as you can without crashing. You can travel infinitly, so the question is, how good are you?


Collect stars and space junk to purchase upgrades that will allow you to travel faster, collect faster, and more! 

Fatti The Junk™

Bring all your collected space junk and stars to the universes most powerful alien to trade for new ships and more.


Challenge your friends, and compete with the rest of the universe to become the best, and be known as the Skighway Star!

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    Vox Silencio

    "Surprisingly fun and addictive, it's got a surprising variety of vehicles that helps you get closer to beating a leaderboard score faster but in turn makes it harder."

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    George Watson

    "I played this during beta stages, and its a pretty good game; Never a dull moment - developer had me busy for hours."

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    Susan Hillbury

    "I didn't think I was going to like it when the dev first approached me.. turns out, its fun though!"


Skighway Star is an infinite space flying 'runner-type' game requiring reflexes and adaptive strategies.

Each run will keep you on your toes as you fly-through the Skighway. Each stage is never the same, so you'll be swinging between smooth sailing and dangerously close encounters with your surroundings (All while enjoying the pretty colors from your ship blowing up). Pretty!

There are many ships to fly, each unique with the ability to be upgraded. Gadgets can be attached to your ships, such as missiles, shields, or even a Time Controller sold by our lazy, Space Junk loving merchant! Bring him your Space Junk and Stars swap around ships and gadgets so you can try to find which combo will get you farthest down the Skighway.

With achievements, never-ending missions, and a leaderboard there is much to do and enjoy inside of Skighway Star - There are many hours of entertainment to be had.

Do you have what it takes? Will you become the next Skighway Star?!